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Brazil GPM Ground Validation

GPM Ground Validation Data in Brazil

NASA and Brazil's Center for Monitoring and Altertin of Natural Disasters (Cemaden) (Centro Nacional de Monitoramento e Alertas de Desastres Naturais) are partnering to provide GPM GV with near-real-time radar data from a network of dual-polarization radars in Brazil. A map of these radar locations is shown to the left and a table with the lat/lon coordinates of the radars is below.
ID Location Latitude Longitude
T1 Natal -5.904444 -35.2539543
TM1 Tres Marias -18.207222 -45.460556
SV1 Salvador -12.902500 -38.326667
ST1 Santa Teresa -19.988775 -40.579444
AL1 Almenara -16.201944 -40.674167
MC1 Maceio -9.551389 -35.770833
JG1 Jaraguari -20.291492 -54.4657734
SF1 Sao Francisco -16.017350 -44.695250
PE1 Petrolina -9.367220 -40.572770