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Disdrometers: GPM Precipitation Science Research Facility

Disdrometer Data

NASA has invested considerable resoruces in deploying a variety of disdrometers, including: the Two-Dimensional Video Disdrometer (2DVD) by Joanneum Research, Inc., in Austria; OTT Parsivel Model 2; and Joss-Waldvogel. These instruments have been deployed in a number of sites, some at GPM's Wallops Flight Facility Precipitatioin Research Facility, some at GV sites in Florida, Kwajalein, other NASA facilities such as GSFC and MSFC/UAH, and still others deployed or limited periods during Field Campaigns.

These data can be used to generate Drop Size Distributions and integral rain parameters such as reflectivity, rain rate, liquid water content, DSD drop statistics such as Dm (median drop diameter), maximum observed drop size, variance of the drop mass, concentrations and other parameters.

Disdrometer Data Past and Present

Field Campaign Disdrometer Data

Raw Disdrometer Data

Access to our raw disdrometer data is available here